Top 5 fashion accessories in 2020

While some key elements of the wardrobe will remain stylish forever, there are many new accessories that will be worn by everyone in the new decade. Weather is changeable, and these items will stand the test of time and become irreplaceable additions to your wardrobe. From pompous handbags to padded headbands, here are top five accessories we'll be wearing in 2020.

  1. Bags-bucket.What could be better than having a purse that holds all your goods? Stylish! These bucket bags have never gone out of fashion, but they are even stronger than ever thanks to these amazing features. 
  2. Soft clutches.If you have followed the latest trends, you know that a soft clutch is the best bag of the season. Originally designed by Bottega Veneta, this is a large and chic accessory that looks amazing in any way. These gorgeous bags, which are easy to carry and have enough space inside, look like pillows and are the perfect option for anyone who appreciates style. Choose from a timeless shade such as tan, black or white, or step out of the box with purple, green or red. 
  3. Necklace-a large chain.At any time of the year, the outfit will not be complete without a stunning decoration. In 2020, nothing has changed, as large chain necklaces come to the forefront of the season. From oversized and voluminous designs to sophisticated yet expressive ones, these accessories are an easy way to connect the image. Combine it with a jacket, slip, or even a sweater — there are no rules.
  4. Hoop earrings.By making another comeback, this accessory will become one of the biggest trends of 2020. These round earrings are a great way to spice up a simple outfit or add a finishing touch to your favorite ensemble. Choose anything from a simple design to a fancy one with pearls, patterns or ornaments. These earrings look best with your hair tucked behind your ears or pulled back in a ponytail to proudly display your stunning jewelry.
  5. Colored sunglasses frames.When the sun is warm outside, protect your eyes with stylish colored sunglasses. With their bright frames, they will instantly add drama to your existing outfit and enliven the whole look. Choose any color, shape, or combination of frame and glass colors. These accessories are timeless and always remain in fashion.