Modern benefits of civilization create not only convenience for people, but also cause irreparable harm to nature. More plastic products have been produced in the last decade than in the previous hundred years.

In the film "Save the planet with Leonardo DiCaprio", the Hollywood star gives advice on how to influence the nature and climate of our planet as a whole at the level of an ordinary person. One of the recommendations is to keep track of what you buy. Plastic products have been firmly introduced into our lives. Plastic cups, supermarket shopping bags, and carbonated drink straws-objects made of plastic accompany us everywhere. But we only use them for a few minutes, and they take several hundred years to decompose.

Reasonable consumption begins with the purchase of accessories that can become an alternative to disposable items made of polyethylene. Most likely, you have met posts by fashion bloggers in which they posted examples of mass-market clothing and offered alternative models at a lower price. We do not offer to wait for fashionable items for months, track the status of your parcel and worry whether it will reach you at all. We do not offer to save untold amounts of money, denying yourself everything to buy a dream bag.Gun of all seasons - Karma Wooden Crochet Beads bag. A fantastic model will not remain unnoticed, will transform any image and magically highlight its owner in photos. Wooden beads in an excellent indicator of the nature of indifference to our planet.

Karma Wooden Crochet Beads bag - very practical, easy to store and chic to wear for all occasions. You will love using this beautiful knitted travel bag as it can hold most of our Essentials. Its flexible shape allows it to adapt when it is filled with large objects. In short, both on a trip, and on a business trip, and in the pool, wear personal hygiene products not in a crumpled bag from the supermarket, but in a stylish compact and practical (the name of the bag). I almost forgot, but you always remembered the line of the iconic handbag from "Sex and the city" from the brand PassoAvanti "this model should definitely be in the wardrobe of all fashionistas".

Our accessories are not just for photos in social networks. They are for an active life, funny moments and breathtaking experiences.

Keep in mind that in reservoirs, plastic breaks down into small pieces, the so-called microplastic, and thus can get into the soil, drinking water, air, and even our body. Of course, this is harmful to your health. With such consequences, everyone can ask themselves: "What can I do to stop the plastic invasion?"Beautiful, comfortable, practical things will help you in your daily activities, as well as reduce the consumption of single-use plastic things that negatively affect our planet.Fashion and self-expression must be accessible.