How To Create a Sustainable Wardrobe

Did you know that every year in our world, 70 million tons of clothing end up in landfills and only 12% is given to recycling? Society's desire for eco-friendliness, which has been growing in various fields in recent years, has not spared such a sphere of life as fashion and the fashion industry. Manufacturers of global clothing brands strive to contribute by using the latest safe equipment that will reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, using more environmentally friendly raw materials.

What to do, where to start? If you want to see the world clean, natural and fashionable, start with your wardrobe!

First, forget about spontaneous shopping, and give up products of animal origin. The most important thing that we will start building a rational wardrobe with is to make up its structure, since we want to create a wardrobe that works for you as much as possible.

First, let's stand up to the revision of things. Take out and sort all your clothes. Remove damaged or outdated items and we will send them to recycling or those in need. Select the items that need to be reworked separately. Try on the other things and try to find new combinations and sets.

Next, we need to think about what areas of life we need our clothes for. Analyze your daily activities, your needs and desires. Is comfort important to you, or do you want to create more extravagant images? Once you have defined your goal and scope (for example, convenience is a capsule for work, or femininity is a capsule for vacation), we proceed to the next stage.

Let's try to make capsules from existing things.How do I find out how the capsule differs from the base? Capsule wardrobe covers one of the life spheres: sports or work, recreation or walking with children. The basic wardrobe for women unites all spheres. Stylish wardrobe can combine multiple capsules at the same time things are intertwined and are included in different sets.

The idea of a "capsule wardrobe" belongs Susie Faux  - the owner of The famous wardrobe fashion store in London in the 70s was the first to offer her regular customers a backbone made up of universal items. The concept was brought to life by Donna Karan, when she presented to the public a basic wardrobe for a girl of 30 years of age consisting of seven things that replaced each other.

As we have understood, wardrobe capsules are a set of things that are selected for a specific area of life. A necessary condition of the capsule is compatibility, that is, all things must be combined with each other and give the maximum variety of images. Usually a capsule is a set of up to 10-15 things, and it does not take up much space, but, at the same time, it helps to look different every time!

  1. Choose the main thing – for example, a neutral bottom.– for example, a neutral bottom.
  2. Next, select several tops for this bottom.
  3. Then match 2-3 interchangeable bottoms to the main item.
  4. Complete the capsule with accessories, shoes, and bags.

Modern girls of 30-35 years old have enthusiastically picked up the idea of reasonable consumption and dream of completing a stylish wardrobe from a minimum number of things. In a well-designed designer, all the components of the fashion Arsenal perfectly complement each other. The universal capsule becomes the basis for any situation.Current and fashionable items are harmoniously combined with each other and give an unlimited number of stylish booms at the output.


After all the fitting rooms, perhaps you will discover new combinations with existing clothes, but if you do not have enough of any thing, write it out in the shopping checklist and go shopping.