Fast, simple, cheap: How to create a stylish image using small details?

In order to look beautiful, stylish and elegant, it is not necessary to buy branded clothing and shoes. It is enough only to know how to correctly use a variety of accessories: costume jewelry, belts, silk scarves and so on. Get ready to catch the admiring glances of passers-by!

1. Emphasize your waist with a belt

Most girls unfairly ignore belts or use them only for their intended purpose-to support their trousers. But this accessory performs not only a practical function: it helps to design multi-layer images, model the desired silhouette, place accents. No wonder such famous brands as Ralph Lauren, Balmain, Giorgio Armani, Loro Piana offer a large selection of belts in their collections.To make the outfit as beautiful and thoughtful as possible, choose the right belt. So, thin belts are suitable for girls with the figure "Apple", wide rough copies – ladies with the figure "hourglass", braided models with curly buckles – beauties with a rectangular figure type. Also, do not forget that thin belts visually stretch the silhouette and make you slimmer.


2. Focus on the wrist

There is one very simple life hack – open wrists make you slim. Therefore, do not hide them under long sleeves – better turn them up and choose noticeable jewelry that will attract attention. This technique is often used by the famous actress Jennifer aniston. She likes to wear a watch, but loosens the strap a little so that it doesn't tighten the skin. Thus, the thinnest part of the hand is always free, and thanks to the gap between the wrist and the watchband, it looks very fragile, feminine and elegant.

3. Make your face contour more elegant

Since all the attention of others is usually focused on your face, the main task is to emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws. With this, properly selected jewelry will perfectly cope. For example, original large earrings can accentuate the cheekbones, small carnations that match the eyes will make them more deep and expressive, and necklaces or pendants will visually lengthen the neck, thereby making it more elegant.

4. Add hair accessories

Despite the fact that fashion is very changeable and trends for jewelry change quickly, the criteria for choosing hair accessories remain the same. So, you need to pay attention to minimalistic instances of simple forms. They can be made of metal or high-quality plastic (the latter will last longer). As for hairpins with logos and slogans, they are slowly leaving the fashionable pedestal. But voluminous headbands made of velvet or silk, jewelry with combinations of different metals, on the contrary, win leading positions.