3 FIRST-Date Outfit Ideas

Every woman is waiting for moment when the man of her dreams finally asks her on the first date. Euphoria, joy, we want to tell friends about it as soon as possible, but the emotions gradually fade away, the brain gradually begins to analyze what is happening and various questions immediately begin to come to our head: "What to wear?", "How to make up?", "Which shoes to choose?".


The fundamental rule of good appearance is to dress according to the weather. First of all, you need to think not only about a beautiful appearance, but also about making sure that you are comfortable and comfortable. Conditionally you can divide first dates into three groups:walking tours, a "hobby club" and a cafe or restaurant.

1. For the first group, you need to choose the most comfortable clothing, give preference to the casual style. You need to clearly understand that inviting you on a walking date, a man expects you to ease up. You should be comfortable and comfortable in your chosen clothing. Give preference to shoes with a medium-high heel, light makeup, and a hairstyle that looks natural, even if you spent three hours creating it before. Clothing should be simple, not flashy. Your image should be easy and memorable.


2. For the second group, you need to choose a sporty style, but do not forget about makeup, you must look natural and natural. The hairstyle should match the style, and curls in this case will be completely inappropriate. Give preference to a ponytail or a beautifully braided braid.


If you are going to the opening of the exhibition, then an evening or vintage look is quite appropriate. But everything should be in moderation, and makeup, and perfume, and the depth of the decolletage. If this is just a meeting in a museum, then your image should be some golden mean – give preference to the classic or romantic style.

3. For the third group, if a man invites you to a restaurant, it is best to prepare for it in advance. In this case, the evening style will suit, but not the image of a woman-vamp, urban chic or vintage image. A high heel would be more than appropriate. Make-up is evening, but moderate.


Whatever option of a date you choose, do not forget about accessories, jewelry and a subtle perfume. Psychologists have repeatedly proved that the perception of men and women is very different. While she'd already had a quick look at the man's shoes, haircut, and eye color, he'd just finished studying her beautiful smile in detail. When you wear voluminous earrings, brooches, or pendants, you risk "covering" yourself with them. A man will constantly be distracted by bright trinkets, not seeing the main thing - you. Of course, you can not go without jewelry at all, which means that the choice should fall on concise low-key jewelry, for example, pushet or broach earrings, a neat chain with your favorite pendant and, perhaps, a bracelet or watch, according to your preferences.


Remember: you are beautiful and attractive, emphasize your advantages, and your date, no matter which group it belongs to, will definitely go to the second.